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Manufacturers, contact Sno-Belt Industries for all your Vapor Degreasing, Aqueous Degreasing, Deburring, Burnishing and Passivating needs.  Backed by more than 35 years of extensive experience. We perform extremely high-quality work at truly competitive pricing.

Our Deburring, Aqueous Degreasing, Burnishing and Passivating are processed in a variety of manufacturers and different sized vibratory tumblers.  From the leading manufactures in our industries, Ultramatic, Swedco, and Roto-Finish.  These machines are heavy duty and reliable.  We currently have multiple machines, ranging from, 3 cubic foot to 40 cubic foot.  We began Vapor Degresing, our newest process, in 2007. At that time we added a 240 gallon Vapor Degreaser. 

Our consulting services are available worldwide.  Our 24-hour turnaround, available pick-up and delivery service and very competitive pricing set us apart from the competition. Contact us with your job requirements.

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deburring, vapor degreasing, aqueous degreasing and passivating.


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